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Financial Advice: Divorce Proof Your Marriage

This is Nathaniel B. Thank you for landing on my page. Allow me to introduce myself. I am a bank manager who has been happily married for the over thirty years. I am grateful that my job and stable marriage have allowed me to become financially comfortable in middle-age. Unfortunately, many of my clients have not been so lucky. I listen in despair as I hear the familiar tale. They got divorced, rushed headlong into second marriages that also broke down, and ended up with major debts. My exasperation stems from the fact that a few legal precautions before racing up the aisle would have allowed my clients to remain solvent. I have compiled this blog to highlight the importance of having a good lawyer in your life. I hope you find the advice interesting and it motivates you to explore legal issues when making life decisions. Take care.

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Tips to Increase Your Chances of Receiving Compensation from Your Vet for Your Lifeless Pet

The relationship between pet owners and veterinarians does not always end well. This may be the case when a pet owner feels that his or her companion animal has sustained injuries or has died as a result of the malpractice perpetrated by a veterinarian. In such cases, it might be necessary for the pet owner to hire a lawyer to file a lawsuit seeking compensation for harm suffered or death of the animals. The amount of compensation available for litigants seeking damages for a dead pet depends squarely on the presentation of facts and circumstances.

The following tips can help increase your chances of getting compensation for your pet in case you suspect it died due to your vet's misconduct.

Seek proof of negligence

When a vet agrees to treat your pet, they commit themselves to do all that is acceptable to take care of your beloved animal. But as is possible in any other profession, vets too can act negligently. Negligence occurs when there is a failure on the part of a reasonably qualified vet to maintain the expected standards, thus violating the duty of care. A duty of care is generally owed to all pets and pet owners, and it is at times extended to third parties.  

To prove beyond reasonable doubt that your vet acted in a negligent manner, you must be in a position to demonstrate that the level of skill and judgment exercised by the vet fell short of what is expected of a reasonably capable vet. You can achieve this by lodging a complaint against the offender to the state agency responsible for licensing your vet. Demand that the agency should probe your allegations of negligence by your vet. In addition, file a complaint that asks for the same kind of investigation to be carried out by the veterinary medical association where your vet belongs.

Seek independent opinion

Don't shy away from seeking a second expert opinion on the demise of your beloved companion animal. Just as an autopsy can be conducted to ascertain the cause of death for a corpse, a necropsy can be performed on the body of your dead pet to establish the cause of death. A necropsy can really come in handy when you are suing your vet for damages, especially if it indicates that your pet passed on as a result of malpractice on the part of your vet. It is wise to ask the vet conducting the necropsy if he or she would be ready to testify on the findings if need be.