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Financial Advice: Divorce Proof Your Marriage

This is Nathaniel B. Thank you for landing on my page. Allow me to introduce myself. I am a bank manager who has been happily married for the over thirty years. I am grateful that my job and stable marriage have allowed me to become financially comfortable in middle-age. Unfortunately, many of my clients have not been so lucky. I listen in despair as I hear the familiar tale. They got divorced, rushed headlong into second marriages that also broke down, and ended up with major debts. My exasperation stems from the fact that a few legal precautions before racing up the aisle would have allowed my clients to remain solvent. I have compiled this blog to highlight the importance of having a good lawyer in your life. I hope you find the advice interesting and it motivates you to explore legal issues when making life decisions. Take care.

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Considerations When Hiring A Family Lawyer

Family lawyers are professionals who assist clients with family issues such as divorce, adoption, child custody and surrogacy. If you intend to hire a family lawyer, continue reading this extract for some family lawyer hiring tips. 

Assess The Lawyer's Speciality

Is the family lawyer competent enough to handle your issue? Assess the lawyer's training and experience to determine if they are the right fit for your case. For instance, besides a law degree, you should assess whether the lawyer has post-graduate training, certification or professional development courses to improve their skill in handling family law issues. Moreover, examine the lawyer's litigation history. For instance, has the lawyer successfully represented clients with similar cases? How well does the lawyer relate with clients? The assessment should help you choose a suitable lawyer for your case. 

Check the Lawyer's Winning Strategy

You should assess the lawyer's winning strategy. For instance, how do they intend to handle the matter at hand? The lawyer must conduct their due diligence to establish facts relating to your case. For example, if you plan to seek a divorce, the lawyer should check whether your marriage is legally recognised in Australia. Moreover, they should assess your finances and childcare arrangements to determine the best way to negotiate parental arrangements and financial agreements. The lawyer's objective is to manage your expectations and protect your interests. For instance, although you might want a huge chunk of your shared finances, the lawyer should acquaint you with the local property sharing regulations. On the other hand, if you need sole parental custody of your child, the lawyer should help you assess the child's best interests. This way, you avoid punishing your child as a way to get back at your partner.  

Negotiate For Flexible Pricing 

Does the lawyer have flexible pricing? Examine several quotes from lawyers who meet the above criteria. It is a sure way to understand the current legal market rates. Then, use this information to bargain the lawyer's fee. For example, you could pit the lawyer's quotes against their competition's price list. You must also consider creative negotiation strategies. For instance, you could take advantage of free and discounted services such as free online consultations. Some lawyers offer pro-bono services to clients who meet specific criteria. In this case, you could explain your financial situation to the lawyer to check whether you qualify for free legal services. 

When hiring a family lawyer, examine their competence, winning strategies and pricing.  

For more info about family law, contact a local professional.