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This is Nathaniel B. Thank you for landing on my page. Allow me to introduce myself. I am a bank manager who has been happily married for the over thirty years. I am grateful that my job and stable marriage have allowed me to become financially comfortable in middle-age. Unfortunately, many of my clients have not been so lucky. I listen in despair as I hear the familiar tale. They got divorced, rushed headlong into second marriages that also broke down, and ended up with major debts. My exasperation stems from the fact that a few legal precautions before racing up the aisle would have allowed my clients to remain solvent. I have compiled this blog to highlight the importance of having a good lawyer in your life. I hope you find the advice interesting and it motivates you to explore legal issues when making life decisions. Take care.

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3 Things Every Domestic Violence Victim Should Know

Restraining orders related to domestic violence issues rose by 60% during 2014 and 2015 in Australia according to the Courts Administrative Authority. This increase shines the light on domestic violence issues, their growth, and what to do if you are a victim of domestic violence. In some cases, the assailant may turn around and accuse the victim of domestic violence as well. If this is the case, and you are now being accused, you may need a criminal solicitor. Here are a few things you should know.

Free Legal Assistance

As someone who is the victim and is being accused by your assailant of the same act, you may be concerned about how to pay for and find proper legal representation. Due to the rise in domestic violence restraining orders and cases, there are now free legal assistance options available. These victim rights programs allow you to find free legal assistance for your case and representation in court. You will need to prove your income status and meet guidelines that show you are in need and unable to pay for the assistance yourself.

Your Experience

You likely know that you will need to prove your case. You will need to talk about your experience and what happened that led to criminal charges. If you are being accused of domestic violence as well, you will need to prove your innocence. One way you can back-up your words in court is to show where you have filed restraining orders, proof of abuse, or even witness accounts that may show you had to leave the home or seek medical attention. Anything, no matter how small it may seem, can help build your case against your assailant and prove your innocence of any domestic violence as well.

Issues for Males

If you are a male who has been the victim of domestic violence, and you are in a situation where your assailant is accusing you as well, you may have a difficult time finding legal assistance. The reason for this is due to the low number options and programs for male victims. This doesn't mean that, as a male, you can't get assistance. There are several programs that are forming to help male victims of domestic violence and criminal solicitors who are willing to help. Using legal aide to help find a solicitor may be an option, as well as having a consultation with a criminal solicitor skilled in domestic violence cases.

These are just a few things every domestic violence victim should know about their case and hiring or dealing with criminal solicitors. If you need to move forward, contact a legal assistance organisation in your area and gather your proof for the case. Legal assistance or a solicitor, like David Allchin, can advise you and help you move forward.